Friday, March 28, 2008

Stages of the game

The game is the game. It's fresh and new and you are forging through the content. It's exciting and fun.

The gear is the game. You need gear to compete and succeed. You will grind reputation. You will run instances over and over. That other guy who is better than you? He's got better gear.

You are the game. Gear is a side-effect of your choices and desires. Your skill needs to be better. Your choices need to be better. If someone else sucks, it's the player, not the gear. You read theory-crafting forums and you grind your ability.

The game is the game. You are playing the game. You have fun and you enjoy your time playing. Gear, skill, the game ... it's all junk that people use to compete. You realize everyone else who plays has different ideas and goals in the game. It's ok. It's exciting and fun ... again.

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