Monday, April 14, 2008

Do not kiss up to me!

The last thing I need is some new recruit kissing up to the guild leader. There may be leaders out there who love having their ego stroked and want to keep around some people who will make them feel good. That's not me. Every time you remind me that I am the guild leader, it's reminding me of all the work I need to do. You are reminding me that you are not a nice person who I want to play a game with, you are reminding me that I am responsible for making your time in the game fun. Stop it!

Kissing up is also a warning sign of a drama-bomb. The guild officers and myself are not controlling the guild. We are facilitators. So, when you think you need our consent to do anything, you are actually trying to change how the guild works. You are going to have to learn to look at the guild, and figure out how you fit into it. I'm not going to do that for you beyond you being in the guild, or not in the guild. That's the options for me when it comes to your place in the guild.

And, for the record, you might have run a guild in the past, or been in a guild in the past. I wasn't there. I don't know what kind of crazy stupid DKP system you used. I don't know how you ran Karazhan. I don't know what kind of power hungry bat-shit insane guild leader you had. But this is my guild and you want to join it. It's a new country and we are different. Start from scratch. Don't try to show me how good you are. Don't try to tell me how your old guild did it. Don't expect me to cut you some slack or be your friend because you know how to play your class. Act like a reasonable human being and be honest with me and the people in the guild. Learn how to get along with people and understand how your comments make people feel about you. Grow a damned empathy bone or something.

Honestly, it's like dealing with people in kindergarten sometimes.

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