Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guild 2.0

You want a group of people to play a game with. Let's just assume that's the case. Hypothetically.

How do you get people to do things that they don't want to do? How do you get people to see the game for what it is, and learn to be good at it? How do you get people to lead other people and put some of their own personal time into a system?

I'm operating under some basic ground rules that you have to agree with before you can come up with something new.
  1. People need other people to achieve a goal in the game. If not, then there's no reason for a system. If you don't need other people, just play by yourself.
  2. An intelligent leader is required to make progress in the game. Random grouping and zergs might work sometimes, but if you value your time, being coordinated and working together means more consistent results.
  3. Your game allows for variances in how people want to play it. In other words, it's not a severely limited scope of game play. People might be gear motivated, or socially motivated, or one of many other self-driven motivations.
  4. Most people want to partake in group activities, but few will have the desire, motivation, or time to lead a group.
  5. The majority of people in the game, and most likely your guild, will have expectations of the guild, but will not want the guild to have expectations of them as a member.
So, given these crazy ground rules, how could it be done? And would it be too much work?

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