Friday, January 23, 2009

The 3.0.8 WoW Patch

I played more WAR than anything this week. Mostly because WoW had been patched and it made the game unplayable for the past few nights. On top of that, I had to figure out if my spec was going to be different and re-spend my talent points.

I'm enjoying the Chosen class I am playing in WAR recently. Being a tank has some real advantages. Especially if you can find a good healer and keep the baddies off them. Some real synergy there for sure.

I still have not found a good guild. The Dark Crag server has a real active community on it, and I have not yet had a night where something wasn't going on. But, the guilds I have tried out so far seem kinda meh. Maybe it's just because I am not max level yet.

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